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J R Harbidge
Enjoy this new and beautiful Americana/Folk/Blues up and coming artist, think Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Crosby Stills Nash etc.
Just releasing his debut album through Absolue/Sony/Universal this year, it reached number 9 in the iTunes charts. It consistently received 4 and 5 star reviews in print and on line. Maverick magazine called it "A must Have Album".
Busk Til Dawn
Busk Til Dawn an indie/folk band influenced by Mumford & Sons, writing a lot of their music while travelling the world, they are know for putting on a brilliant and energetic live performance.
Check out their latest release 'Freemans compass'…
Rob Heron & The Tea Pod Orchestra
Frankie is an up and coming freestyle artist, every show is truly unique but the passion and soul she puts across every time she steps on that stage is something you don't want to miss.
Gene Pool
With their unique space psychedelic rock genre these guys are known for putting on a show! What better time than our Saturday night?
Abi K & The Swing Pigs
This bunch of ragamuffins, fronted by vocalist Abi K and consist of a mixture of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, who enjoy messing around with Neo-Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop and Blues.
Green Guy Kai
GGK (GreenGuyKai), known also as “The One-Armed Bandit”, is a 22-year-old rapper/Singer-songwriter.
Although heavily influenced by Grime and Hip hop, GGK is by no means restricted to these genres as his music varies from deep soft sung harmonies to hard heavy trap that gives us an insight into the diverse and unpredictable world that surrounds him.
The Maitree Express
This Bath Based band play original tracks in the styles of dub, reggae, ska, hiphop, funk,soul and DnB. Their electric live performances will have you bouncing all night long.
Ren Stedman
With his debut album coming out this year composed with songs that really make you feel, make you laugh and do all those things music should - we are very happy to have him playing our Sunday evening.
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